Garden of Morr / Graveyard Map

Garden of Morr_01

Morr’s Garden (click to enlarge)

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Awesome random geomorph dungeon/caver/city/sideview generator

Just used THIS random generator, to generate the dungeon below. Check it out!



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Some handwritten/drawn material

An ancient ruined ziggurat (and the tunnels beneath)


A (Vornheim inspired) D% table of random NPCs.

The table’s top row of text (the titles of the various columns) reads; from left to right, Description, Demeanor, 1st name, 2nd name, and Profession. This is one of many sandbox generator style tables I’ve been slapping together to allow the players in my WFRP campaign more freedom…and less prep for myself.

Once I have a significant number of these Ubersreik/Reikland random tables, I’ll get around to typing them up and making it available on various forums as well as on this blog, so stay tuned.


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Warhammer in the Cinema

Been planning the next leg of my Warhammer Fantasy campaign. Some films I’ve used as inspiration:

The Last Valley – set during the 30 Years War, follows a German captain and a man of faith who both come to a peaceful valley community that has laid untouched by war.

Jabberwocky – Terry Gilliam’s masterpiece of Monty Python-esque Middle Ages adventure. It’s silly, it’s violent, it’s filthy…yup that’s The Old World summed up pretty well.

Black Death – a recent film that chronicles the exploits of a group of Medieval witch hunters tasked with traveling upriver (ala Apocalypse Now) investigating a distant village untouched by plague. Sean Bean does his thang in armor, and is entertaining as usual. A surprisingly bleak, morally grey, and nihilistic film that fits in the Warhammer universe quite nicely.

The Borgias – Udo Kier as the Pope…that is all. Oh, and intrigue, sex, murder, and betrayal.

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter – A 1970’s Hammer Horror film of wonderfully lavish production. It must be seen to be believed.

The Name of The Rose – based rather closely on Umberto Eco’s novel of the same name. Zealous monks, murder mystery, dirty peasants, and witch burnings = Warhammery goodness.


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OD&D Archives

You may not know this, but my day job (or night job as it were) is at a local university library. This of course gives me access to all sorts of wonderful resources, both historical and technical.

Yesterday, on a lark, I decided to search our databases for the keywords (Dungeons) and (Dragons)…little librarian inside humor there….and came up with these little beauties:

OD&D Companion & Immortals Sets

which have been sitting in storage for at least a couple of decades according to their circulation history.

There’s also a Basic Set under there, but I already own a copy of it (thanks Ebay!).

Also, an older coworker gave me this today:

Chainmail: Rules for Medieval Minatures

It’s the third edition (released after the first run of D&D) and is in excellent shape.

Reviews of both of these cornerstones soon to follow.

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Magical Ruin

Another of my hand drawn maps. This was originally used in my most recent Warhammer Fantasy RPG campaign as a randomly generated ruin that the PCs stumbled across while tracking a greenskin (anything of the goblinoid race for you D&Ders) through the forests east of Ubersreik. Feel free to use it for whatevs. Let me know if you have any questions about the map.


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Sewer Trap Map

Just the first in a series of hand drawn maps I’ll be posting to here from time to time. This particular map can be used in a specific encounter or as part of a larger random sewer dungeon. I’ve included a short list of random events at the bottom. Let me know if you have any questions.


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