On games and gaming

So, a recent post from Zak over at D&D With Porn Stars inspired me to start up this little blog to both give me a more modern and progressive place to put my notes down regarding this little hobby, and to contribute to the hobby in a way that only blogging can. So I offer up this blog as not only a repository of my own thoughts and opinions, but as a democratic forum for all to share, discuss and argue (from time to time) their own points of view.

To start off I’d like to give a rundown of what I’ve played, am currently playing, and would like to play in the next few posts. Seems appropriate for those that might be scouring the interwebs for various gaming sites and want to know whether or not this is the blog for them. Be forewarned however, I do/and will have a tendency to go off on tangents that may be very loosely related to games and gaming, but I hope readers will find inspirational nonetheless.

Watch this space for updates!

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