The Rest From The Past

Some other games I’ve had a chance to play, albeit briefly:

Vampire: The Masquerade

The 1st Edition, though my group only played it a handful of times, I owned the core book for years and picked up a couple of expansions here and there. In all it was a clean, simple system that seemed fantastic for anyone not familiar with role playing games.

RIFTs (Palladium)

What can I say about RIFTS except that it’s a bold concept that just never caught on with my gaming group. I think I played, perhaps two sessions…ended up creating some kind of Technomancer character, which seemed really cool and original at first…then I met the rest of the party. One guy was a dragon….yup, a dragon. Not a half dragon or a baby dragon…a full sized dragon. Needless to say, half way through our first game, I didn’t feel as if my lowly technomancer really had much to contribute. In hindsight, the problem probably had much less to do with the game and more to do with party balance and gm decisions. Nevertheless, RIFTS still maintains a loyal following and is till being published by Palladium books after all these years.

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