Sheesh I’m awful at this…oh, and some stuff about games!

So since my first couple of posts, I’ve kinda laid down on the job and forgotten I was even running a gaming blog…but now I’m back!

I’ve had the pleasure of participating in a couple of different games since my last post.  I’ve created a character, a human bard (of Cheliaxian origin) for a friends Pathfinder game. He’s running the adventure path Council of Thieves , and though we haven’t really started yet, I’m stoked to get back into a D20 D&D game. Come to think of it, I haven’t ever really played in a 3.5 game before. The last time I rolled stats for anything similar was probably a 3rd edition half-ogre gladiator for a buddies Forgotten Realms game back in the 90’s.  Excuse me whilst I dust off my old man dice.

In addition, I’ve been happily running (GMing that is) my own game in the form of a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3rd Edition) campaign of my own design. That is, I’ve cannibalized a couple of the pre-written scenarios to fit into a story-arch that fits in all the PCs nice and cozily….well, cozy in a driven to insanity and overcome with corruption kinda way…i.e. the Warhammer way.

But really, the BIG news is that Wizards of the Coast have announced that they are prepping for a new D&D edition release. The rub is that it’s not really a new edition at all, but instead a set of rules that will seek to unite ALL PREVIOUS EDITIONS of the game under one roof. That’s right, with this new “edition” you should be able to run everything from the Keep on the Borderlands (Type 0) to the Ruins of Undermountain (Type II) and back again, and without having to pull out a different rule book. Sounds impossible right?

Here’s what ole Mike Mearls (senior manager for D&D r&d team) had to say to Game Informer about the new release.

Some excerpts from the interview that I found most interesting.

Players can pick their own style and complexity within a class. Think of it kind of like having a $10 budget to spend on lunch. Some people will go to a restaurant and buy a $10 lunch special. Someone else might spend that $10 by ordering a few different things off the menu, rather than a special. Someone else might take that $10 and go to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients for a recipe they like. The idea is to put everyone on the same scale, but then allow people to burrow into the level of detail they want.

We actually went back and played every major edition of D&D and used those experiences to help narrow down the absolute core elements of the game. If you removed those elements, it’s not D&D. Our list includes the six abilities, classes, levels, hit points, Armor Class, and a few other things. In many ways, the list creates the shared language that links the editions.

Of course, the most important element of D&D is the DM. We found that across all the editions, the DM was more important than the specific rules. Supporting DMs and giving them the tools to create the campaigns they want is an important goal for the project.

It actually sounds like what we’re most likely will get is a core book (or set of core books, PHB & DMG) that give us a simple set of core rules (i.e. the list of commonalities, Hit Points, AC, etc) that if used by themselves will mimic old school Original Dungeons & Dragons (OD&D or Type 0)…so no Feats, no Multi-Classing, etc. The core books will probably also feature oodles of optional “tack-on” rules for expanding the game to include things like multi-classing, feats, powers, etc…in case the GM and players want to play something more akin to recent incarnations (3.5, Pathfinder, and 4th edition).

I for one am STOKED! This will allow me as a GM to run any adventure/campaign setting from any era with little to no conversion! So I can start my players in the Keep on the Borderlands (Type I), then move to Ptolus: City by the Spire (Type 3), then onto a modern Dark Sun game (Type IV), and then onto planes hopping (Planescape Type II) and Spell Jamming (Type II)…woot woot!

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