DIY gaming tables vs. high-end boutique tables.

I’ve had a hankering to build and/or purchase a proper gaming table of late. What with my Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game currently on hiatus (we’ve wrapped up the recent story-arch and the current player characters no longer have any reason to stick together), this has allowed me plenty of time to obsess over the other more peripheral aspects of gaming, such as where I want to actually host games in the near future. Most recently I’ve had my players meet at the local university library, where we’ve taken over a conference room in the basement for 5+ hour sessions (long I know, but we only get to meet maybe once per month).

Now this was a relatively large group for 3rd Edition WFRP (six players most of the time), which tends to run best with around 3 or 4 player character, due to the room needed for cards, dice pools, and handouts…plus the fact that the 3rd Edition..with my group at least, tends to lean toward dramatic storytelling more-so than previous editions (subjective, depending upon who you ask).

Regardless, this little detail has forced me to consider downsizing the number of players per game for future sessions, and in turn has allowed me to entertain the idea of hosting games at my house..which while very comfortable, isn’t massive. Our dining table seats four comfortably, with barely any room for dishes other than four plates and silverware. So two options present themselves to me. Invest in a dedicated pre-made gaming table, or build my own.

My price range is around $100…which is a damn shame because that pretty much discounts everything made by the folks over at Geek Chic. If you haven’t checked out what these guys are up to, and you’ve got the money to burn, then by all means, have at it.

The Hoplight coffee table. Probably the closest to my price range, but still about 10 times more expensive than what I can afford.

I could skimp and buy a crappy plastic and felt card table, but let’s be honest, there’s nowhere near enough room for 3-4 players, a GM, character sheets, dice, drinks, etc.

Alright…so that about does most of the options for premade/store-bought tables…so hows about the DIY route?

There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of different DIY game table ideas on the web. My preliminary Google search turned up the following hits:

With a piece like the one above, you can use it with an existing dining table. It just raises the dice rolling and miniatures/maps area above the drinks and character sheets area. I’m thinking that this, combined with a simple folding card table, could be perfect for my needs.

More to follow…

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  1. Devin L. says:

    What would you call that board(the last image)

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