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You may not know this, but my day job (or night job as it were) is at a local university library. This of course gives me access to all sorts of wonderful resources, both historical and technical.

Yesterday, on a lark, I decided to search our databases for the keywords (Dungeons) and (Dragons)…little librarian inside humor there….and came up with these little beauties:

OD&D Companion & Immortals Sets

which have been sitting in storage for at least a couple of decades according to their circulation history.

There’s also a Basic Set under there, but I already own a copy of it (thanks Ebay!).

Also, an older coworker gave me this today:

Chainmail: Rules for Medieval Minatures

It’s the third edition (released after the first run of D&D) and is in excellent shape.

Reviews of both of these cornerstones soon to follow.

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