Warhammer in the Cinema

Been planning the next leg of my Warhammer Fantasy campaign. Some films I’ve used as inspiration:

The Last Valley – set during the 30 Years War, follows a German captain and a man of faith who both come to a peaceful valley community that has laid untouched by war.

Jabberwocky – Terry Gilliam’s masterpiece of Monty Python-esque Middle Ages adventure. It’s silly, it’s violent, it’s filthy…yup that’s The Old World summed up pretty well.

Black Death – a recent film that chronicles the exploits of a group of Medieval witch hunters tasked with traveling upriver (ala Apocalypse Now) investigating a distant village untouched by plague. Sean Bean does his thang in armor, and is entertaining as usual. A surprisingly bleak, morally grey, and nihilistic film that fits in the Warhammer universe quite nicely.

The Borgias – Udo Kier as the Pope…that is all. Oh, and intrigue, sex, murder, and betrayal.

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter – A 1970’s Hammer Horror film of wonderfully lavish production. It must be seen to be believed.

The Name of The Rose – based rather closely on Umberto Eco’s novel of the same name. Zealous monks, murder mystery, dirty peasants, and witch burnings = Warhammery goodness.


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3 Responses to Warhammer in the Cinema

  1. Scott says:

    Witchfinder General/The Conqueror Worm is another fine one for WFRP.

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